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89 B Old Trolley Rd Suite 101 C Summerville, SC 29485

Management training for all levels

Not all management training is the same. Our programs are focused on building strong leadership within organizations. We have created informational webinars that are data driven, our training goes a step further, our programs use proven Sociological theory to collect individualized data and use that data with proven theory to personalize your training and development. Data driven theory has proven to help identify and solve complex leadership, operational, and organizational  problems at all levels. 

"Every behavior in life, including management, and leadership practices, can be explained and understood by using sociological and criminological concepts." 
~Richard Decker, BSpsych-CJ, MSPSCJ, Ph.D., CBT-CBLC

Specializing in Management Training & Leadership Development, Creating safer and better environments, Improving relationships, behaviors, & productivity. 

Leadership development

Creation of safer environments

Leaders influence the morale to an entire facility. We know this because we see different behaviors based on the style of leader in an environment. The Key to success is to understand behaviors, personalities and motivations in the environment and those characteristics caused by leadership style.  We bring balance and change to negative behaviors for the betterment of the entire environment. 

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Creating safer environments is more than following OSHA guidelines. It has more to do with personality, behaviors and the types of communications within the environment.

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Understanding behaviors

Improving relationships

Improving Relationships has more to to with communications than any other variable. If people fail to identify with those communication break downs. They fail in having empathy for others and at finding  ways to actually hear each other without internal noise and bias.

We've all made assessment on how someone behaves. Those assessments are generally biased and  inaccurate. If we mismatch the wrong characteristics and misunderstand motivations the workplace environment becomes a hazard zone. To communicate, lead, and motivate people properly is quintessential to a better work environment.

How you benefit

S. I. T.


We work with you in the environment to identify areas in leadership that could be better. In seeing first hand the styles of leadership and what experiences people have in the environment we provide an assessment and action plan to start transformations.  


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One of the most difficult things to do is start something new. Thats why we not only help develop an action plan we guide you through the steps it takes to start the transformation. 


No action plan is viable unless key leaders know how to duplicate it. We teach your key leaders how to teach and practice the action plan we develop together for your company. 

We train management and make them leaders. 

Our Podcast: The SocioCriminologist

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Best Seller in the Business Consulting Category on Amazon.  

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Meet the CEO

Richard Decker BSpsych-CJ, MSPSCJ, Ph.D. CBT-CBLC
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Ricks Expertise is: 
  • CBT Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach

  • Group Behaviors

  • Social Behaviors

  • Workplace Environment Behaviors

  • Understanding Body Language 

  • Creating better Communications

  • Creating Behavior Action Plans

  • Creating Leadership Action Plans

Rick's expertise has been noted in several publications. In November 2020 two of his articles were added to the CJ Encyclopedia. 

Richard Decker, MSPSCJ, PhD CBT-CBLC is the SocioCriminologist. As a trained CBT Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach, a trained Forensic Sociologist / Criminologist, and he uses concepts from sociology and criminology, to help determine and explain behaviors that help business leaders build better relationships. When leaders relate better to their staff and clients, they strengthen and improve their companies by creating environments that foster more productivity so they can create and build a more sustainable business. His passion is helping business leaders and other professionals find solutions to their social dilemmas and create better, safer environments and have a better understanding of the world around them. 
Rick has had memberships in Kenya Professional Society of Criminology and The Professional Criminologist Association of Kenya; Rick has worked internationally in criminal justice, he is recognized by the London Railway Polygraph Examiners Association, and is an expert in human behavior,  investigative procedures and practices; he has authored articles, papers and books on human behavior, leadership, profiling, and investigative procedures.  

Rick holds memberships and Honors with the following organizations

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The National Criminal Justice Honor Society

Capella Gold Honors.jpeg

Capella University Honors


The National Society of Leadership

and Success


The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues


American Society of Criminology


American Sociological Society


National Association of Fire Investigators, International. 


International Association of Arson Investigators

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